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My favorite book is Animals Nobody Loves. I like it because I like to learn a lot about animals that I’ve heard of and don’t know anything about that animal. I also like it because of the pics too. I love all types of animals and some of them are in the book for example the rattlesnake and cobra.Most of all I like the shark I also loved to see some of my favorite animals in the book i just loved the book so much.I like the cover of the book.

Posted by dylan l. 4th grade mrs brittin  on  03/06  at  06:08 PM

My all time favorite Seymour Simon book is Crocodiles and Alligators.This amazing book has so much information.It tells you how Crocodiles are related to the best known prehistoric lizards, it also tells you some differences betwen Crocodiles and Alligators.These are the reasons why this book is so fascinating.

Posted by Dylan.K. 4th grade Mrs.Britten  on  03/06  at  06:11 PM

My favorite Seymour Simon book would have to be Dolphins.It has so much great detail,and it helped me a lot with my project for school.My favorite part is when they do a whole page about bottle nose dolphins.Like I said before,it has a lot of great detail.For example,It says that the bottle nose dolphin swims in pods of 20.I read that book over and over again untill I remembered all the great information.I am a big Seymour Simon fan,so keep writing all those great books!!!:)

Posted by lily 4grade mrs.brittin  on  03/06  at  06:11 PM


I liked this book because I thought the pictures were amazing. I also liked this book because sharks are one of my favorite species.

On one page it talks about a historical shark.

Posted by jack 4 grade mrs.achilarre  on  03/06  at  06:33 PM

I like the book ‘Dogs’ by Seymour Simon.  I think that it is his best book because it shows such interesting facts that you cannot find in other books.  It shows us that in a way dogs are like us - humans.  We have done many things together.  They are very important to us because they are a big help to us.  They help us hunt (hunting dogs), and they help us sense if someone is bad (watchdog, K9).  One example from the text is when Seymour said ‘’ People and dogs have been together for thousands of years.  We have shared shelter and food.  We have hunted together, played together, and worked together.”

Posted by Lili, 4-A, Mrs. Achilarre  on  03/06  at  10:07 PM

The name of favorite book: PENGUINS

I think it is Seymour Simon’s best book because all the other books about penguins that I’ve read do not have as much information that I can learn from.

Normally the discussion of penguin dangers focuses on the challenges of living in Antarctica; but I was unaware of the variety of other predators: “...penguin chicks have to contend with…predators such as mustelids, rats, dogs, pigs, gulls, sheethbills and giant petrels. But the skua, an Antartic seabird, is the chick’s worst enemy.”  smile  cool hmm

Posted by Ethan 3-O, Mrs O'Donnell  on  03/06  at  10:56 PM

My favorite book by Seymour Simon is Sharks.

I like this book because it shows different kinds of sharks.  I learned that sharks are good at hunting prey because they have a kind of distant touch that can help them know where prey is before the shark comes into contact with it. I wish had that sense when I am playing football. wink

Posted by Jack 3rd Grade Mrs. O'Donnell  on  03/06  at  11:40 PM

my favorite story was bones because it talks about your body and you can learn all about your different parts of your body

tyrameshia r.

Posted by tyrameshia r.  on  03/07  at  12:12 AM

Title of Book: Cats
I think this is the best book by Seymour Simon for three reasons. First, it has beautiful pictures. Next, it has great facts about cats. Finally, he tells me how to take care of cats by giving instructions.
My Evidence: He told me how to choose a pet by looking carefully at it and to admire it for awhile. Then he told me how to take care of it by giving it enough room for its things, give it time to play, and feed it on time. grin

Posted by Shreena 4Br  on  03/07  at  09:55 PM

My favorite book is coral reefs. It is my favorite book because I learn about our world all the time. So I think it is pretty neat to learn about something else, and a different under water world! I like the colors and pictures they always get my attention. The fascinate me every time I turn the page.  You have the best writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D !!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Jules 5L  on  03/07  at  10:43 PM

My favorite book from Seymour Simons collection is Gorillas. Its my favorite book because it tells people about what you wouldn’t think about Gorillas. For example in the book the author stated that Gorillas don’t pick you up and run off in the woods, or they don’t climb up skyscrapers and swat at planes, and they don’t try to hurt you in anyway. I also love this story because it gives you so many interesting facts. For instance in the story the author stated that Gorillas have 98% of the same DNA humans have the author also stated that Gorillas don’t seem like it but there shy. This book is also my favorite because it compares what humans and gorillas have in similar. For instance it says that Gorillas have 10 fingers and ten toes just like us and there as scared of us as we are of them

Posted by Julie 4th grade Mrs. Brittin  on  03/07  at  11:48 PM

hi Seymour! how many skyscraper books have you written? I hope you type back!

Posted by Owen  on  11/13  at  03:19 PM
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