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you know what would be amazing it would be if turtles did’nt taste good because then the birds or any other predator would not eat sad thing was that the turtle is on the endangerd species list. so for earth day people should help turtles get into the water and live a happy life.

Tim C.

Posted by Tim C.  on  04/03  at  02:26 PM

Dear Seymour Simon
I will   keep   the   earth clean ,I will always put the papers and plastics and cans in the recycle bin.

New York

Posted by sabrina z  on  04/03  at  08:37 PM

I am going to help the Earth by recycleing everything that is possible! I think this will help the earth because if you throw everything away in the garbge then people won’t be able to reuse things!

Allie C.

Posted by Allie C.  on  04/10  at  02:31 PM

My second grade classes are brainstorming ways they can help the environment in library class.  Today Mrs. Studdards’ class came up with this list:
~ using water bottles that can be reused instead of plastic water bottles.
~ picking up trash that we see outside
~ plant a tree to help clean up our atmosphere

Mrs. Houck’s 2nd Grade Library Class
Williamsburg, Virginia

Posted by Mrs. Houck's Second Grade Library Class  on  04/12  at  01:14 PM

Ms. Frackelton’s second grade class have brainstormed some good Earth Day promises.  We promise to pick up trash when we see it outside.  We also would like to help develop the compost bin for our school garden.  Thank you!

Williamsburg, VA

Posted by Mrs. Houck's Second Grade Library Class  on  04/13  at  12:59 PM

I promice not to use that much electricity and to pick up trash and to not litter.

Tasneem A.

Posted by Tasneem A.  on  04/16  at  11:02 AM

i will save the earth by not littering and saving electricity for saving water.

James Fallon Elementary
Mrs. Maggio
New Jersey

Posted by Kristina  on  04/16  at  11:55 AM

1.i will help clean up my yard


3.I will recycle

James Fallon Elementary/Mrs. Maggio
Wayne, NJ

Posted by alivia  on  04/16  at  11:57 AM

I pledge to never throw away anything that can be recycled. I will always recycle when I can!

Andrew P.
James Fallon School
Mrs. Maggio’s Library Class W

Posted by Andrew P.  on  04/20  at  12:16 PM

My 2012 Earth day promise is not to litter . Also to pick up everything that was littered . Thank you that is all.

Judy A.
James Fallon Mrs.Maggio

Posted by Judy a  on  04/20  at  12:16 PM

i will clean up any litter i see amd recycle all recycable

Jake A.
James Fallon
Mrs. Maggio’s library class
Wayne NJ

Posted by Jake a  on  04/20  at  12:17 PM

Hi Mr. Simon! grin My Earth day promis is to kepp the Earth clean by not littering and planting all of the plants i can and watering them and make sure all of my plants get the mount of water and sunlight they can posibly need!!!!!:-)

Lia C.
James Fallon
Mrs.Maggio’s library class Wayne NJ

Posted by Lia C  on  04/20  at  12:17 PM

I will help the enviorment by picking up trash and recycle.

Mahmoud A.
James Fallon
Mrs Maggio’s 4th grade class

Posted by Mahmoud A.  on  04/20  at  12:19 PM

My 2012 Earth Day promise is that i will save energy by turning of the lights and the tv when I am not useing them. I can also shut of the tv and go read a book. I will also keep the beches, oceans, parks and fields clean. I can do this by not littering and picking up garbage that was littered on the ground. I love the Earth and want to keep it clean!!!! wink

Alexa T.
James Fallon School
Mrs. Maggio Library Class

Posted by Alexa T.  on  04/20  at  12:19 PM

I well clan up the earth.

Ryan F.

Posted by Ryan F.  on  04/20  at  12:20 PM

My Earth day promise is to not litter I will plant trees and flowers and make the world a better place

Nicole C.
james fallon
mrs. maggio’s library wayne nj

Posted by Nicole C  on  04/20  at  12:20 PM

I promise that I will not litter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andy R.
james fallon school mrs.magio mieda class

Posted by andy R  on  04/20  at  12:20 PM

I promise to get more active

Dillon S.
James Fallon School

Posted by Dillon S  on  04/20  at  12:21 PM

My 2012 Earth Day promise is..
  I pledge to help the environment by planting trees and plants. I will also recycle all my paper, plastic, and aluminum. I will never ever litter.

Tasneem P.
James Fallon School
Mrs. Maggio’s Library Class

Posted by Tasneem P.  on  04/20  at  12:21 PM

My 2012 Earth Day promise is…....
  I will try my hardest efforts to always recycle anything that I can and I will throw out any type of garbage that can’t be recycled which means I also won’t litter. excaim  excaim  excaim  excaim  LOL  :lol

Zarif P.
James Fallon School
Mrs.Maggio’s Library Class
Wayne, NJ

Posted by Zarif P.  on  04/20  at  12:22 PM

My earth day promise for 2012 is to recycle more and take care of the earth.

James Fallon School
Miss Maggio’s Class

Posted by Julia  on  04/20  at  12:24 PM

Hi my Earth Day promise is to reycycle every thing I could. I will also turn off the lights when I leave the a room. I will never ever litter. Thats just plain old bad. I will try and play outside more than wasting eletricity by watching T.V.

Anthony G.
James Fallon School
Mrs.maggio class
Wayne NJ

Posted by Anthony G  on  04/20  at  12:24 PM

My 2012 Earth Day promise is to always reduce, reuse, and always recycle.  I will pick up litter and waste that people through on the ground.  I will reuse paper by using the backs of paper instead of getting a new piece.  I can also reuse water by filling them up again instead of using two when I can just use one.  I will not litter.  Before you litter think about the future and what can happen to the Earth if we don’t reduce, reuse and recycle.  This is my 2012 Earth Day promise!

Julia V.
James Fallon School
Mrs. Maggio

Posted by Julia V  on  04/20  at  12:25 PM

I Will recycle any thing that can be recycled. I will Not litter. I Will pick up litter

Kyle H.
James Fallon School
Ms. Maggios libary class

Posted by Kyle .H  on  04/20  at  12:26 PM

This year in 2012 I will help clean up the litter on the ground recycle paper, plastic, and cardboard. If everybody does these few things it will help the Earth a whole lot! Every year now I will recycle more often on Earth Day and not on Earth Day because you should always keep the Earth heathy every day and every second! grin  LOL  smile

Kristina M.
James Fallon Wayne NJ
Mrs.Maggios Library class

Posted by Kristina M  on  04/20  at  12:29 PM
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