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It is called a promiss
It 12 earth high

Posted by Derrick davis 3  on  09/11  at  12:09 PM

This picture looks alsome I remember the sun spots that are so cool the sun is huge

Posted by Farah fourth period  on  09/11  at  12:10 PM

Its called a prominence

Posted by Anna 3rd pd  on  09/11  at  12:11 PM

It has loop of gas of the sun connecting sun spots called prominences

Posted by Monica 3rd  on  09/11  at  12:11 PM

They are very dangerous about 150 ft it could be 12 earths high.!

Posted by Zuleima..3rd period  on  09/11  at  12:11 PM

The storm is 12earths high!

Posted by Tyler3rd  on  09/11  at  12:11 PM

Its a sun flare it can knock out the elecrticty

Posted by Jaisen 3  on  09/11  at  12:11 PM

One is 12 earths high they both do bad damage

Posted by Ashlyn  on  09/11  at  12:12 PM

I thought it was very cool

Posted by Paul pd 3  on  09/11  at  12:12 PM

The sun is a billion meters long.

Posted by Jada  on  09/11  at  12:12 PM

It can knock out electricity

Posted by Naeshon 4th period  on  09/11  at  01:35 PM

Fears that big would do some damage

Posted by Emily 4th  on  09/11  at  01:36 PM

It is called a proinence and it last up to a few hours

Posted by Kelly period 4  on  09/11  at  01:36 PM

It is awesome Its when two solar flares run into each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Symphanie 4  on  09/11  at  01:37 PM

These storms can cause power outages

Posted by Daniel 4  on  09/11  at  01:37 PM

20 earths high!gosh

Posted by Peyton4  on  09/11  at  01:37 PM

It s called a prominence

Posted by Beny 4th period  on  09/11  at  01:38 PM

If a ring touches another ring it will cause a solar flare.

Posted by Juan  on  09/11  at  01:38 PM

I think this article was interesting.

Posted by Matt 4  on  09/11  at  01:38 PM

Why is the sun so big a so dirt

Posted by Emanuel  on  09/11  at  01:39 PM

A solar flare is a big explosion that happens on the surface of the sun. Cooooooooooool picture!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it! Never seen anything like it.

Posted by Mimi 4th period.  on  09/11  at  01:39 PM

They Are Very Dangerous!!!!!

Posted by Maci 4th  on  09/11  at  01:40 PM

When two prominces connect is makes an explosion causing a solar flare.

Posted by Summer 4th  on  09/11  at  01:40 PM

In the inner core it is 15mil*C 27mil*F

Posted by Kylea 4th  on  09/11  at  01:40 PM

It is twelve earths high and it is extremely dangerous

Posted by Marlen  on  09/11  at  01:40 PM
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