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It looks a lot like a solar flare.

Posted by Jed 4  on  09/11  at  01:40 PM

The storm is twelve earths high.

Posted by Hannah 4th  on  09/11  at  01:41 PM

The storm on the sun is called a prominence.

Posted by Britney  on  09/11  at  01:41 PM

The picture is attractive
Prominence-it shots out and comes back
Solar flare -shots but don t come back

Posted by Odalis  on  09/11  at  01:42 PM

Loops of gases

Posted by Tucker 3rd  on  09/11  at  01:42 PM

That is so cool I diddnt know the sun can have tornados.

Posted by Brooke J.  on  09/11  at  02:26 PM

That s a really cool picture. And the tornado like storm is called a prominence and sometimes if things get hectic on the Sun it can effect other planets like the sun.

Posted by Damie B.  on  09/11  at  02:26 PM

It s called prominence and it shots up solar flare

Posted by Claudia 5th  on  09/11  at  02:27 PM


Posted by James  on  09/11  at  02:28 PM

Loops of gases in the sun and inside it

Posted by Jorge 6th  on  09/11  at  02:28 PM


Posted by Jose  on  09/11  at  02:28 PM

That s crazy cool I wish I could see one with my eyes not instead of a picture woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Posted by Jacob 5 period  on  09/11  at  02:29 PM

It looks like the solar flare

Posted by Marco 5  on  09/11  at  02:30 PM

It s called prominence

Posted by Mekenzie 5  on  09/11  at  02:30 PM

The storms are the radiation being pushed out of the photo sphere.

Posted by Joseph M.  on  09/11  at  02:31 PM

The storm was 93thousand miles high (about150 thousand kilometers the sun tornad like plasma is about10 to 12 times big then a diameter a planet of earth.

Posted by Jovi  on  09/11  at  02:32 PM

It knocks out electricity

Posted by Alexis5  on  09/11  at  02:33 PM

It is called prominerce and it can last up to a few hours.

Posted by Marisol S. 5thperiod  on  09/11  at  02:33 PM

I did not know that the sun is 12 Earths high but I do now!

Posted by Abby  on  09/11  at  02:34 PM

The sun has storms !!!! I did not know that image the damage from that !? And not just if u were in that and it hert it would bern

Posted by Michaela 5  on  09/11  at  02:34 PM

The storm is 93 thousand miles high

Posted by Alexandrea 5th  on  09/11  at  02:36 PM

Loops of gases

Posted by Landon 2  on  09/11  at  02:36 PM

The storm on the sun is called a prominence.

Posted by Lydia 6  on  09/11  at  03:19 PM

That is so cool. I don t want the sun to blow up!

Posted by Lakota  on  09/11  at  03:20 PM

Umm they are solor winds

Posted by Lohany 6th  on  09/11  at  03:21 PM
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