Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 08/07 at 08:23 AM


These bring magnetic storms wich can mess up any signals

Posted by Hunter 6th  on  09/11  at  03:21 PM

That tornado looks like a human


Posted by Dylan  on  09/11  at  03:21 PM

They are solar flares

Posted by Coleman  on  09/11  at  03:21 PM

That the sun is so hot

Posted by  on  09/11  at  03:22 PM

These storms can cause the sun to react and cause a solar flare.

Posted by Jackie 6th  on  09/11  at  03:22 PM

They are made by gas squirting up. They really aren t no storms because there is no whether on the sun.

Posted by Travis  on  09/11  at  03:23 PM

This is so cool I didn t know the sun can have a storm. This is very big

Posted by Ashley 6  on  09/11  at  03:24 PM

Woow I didn t know the sun had twisters

Posted by Marcus 6th  on  09/11  at  03:26 PM

The storm is 93 thousand miles high

Posted by Maricruz 6th  on  09/11  at  03:26 PM

Tha storm in tha pic show a storm called a promincence

Posted by Zemicah Y. 6  on  09/11  at  03:27 PM

The sun is made out of hydrogen and helium and 1 percent is made out of other gases!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really cool pic never seen nothing like it lol smile !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Ashia 6th period  on  09/11  at  03:27 PM

The sun plast

Posted by Rebecca 6  on  09/11  at  03:29 PM

Loops of gases

Posted by Lonnie1  on  09/11  at  03:29 PM

Happened when a huge prominence happened on top of the surface

Posted by Estefania  on  09/11  at  03:30 PM

I think it s pretty cool that tornadoes can happen on the sun! I remebern from the scription that tornadoes can happen on the sun that and that they are very big! smile


Posted by Essence  on  09/11  at  03:30 PM

I. Think it is dangerous

Posted by Jordan 6  on  09/11  at  03:30 PM

I never saw any thang like it before

Posted by Greg S.  on  09/11  at  04:08 PM
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