March 30, 2012

We’re going to celebrate Earth Day for the entire month of April here on the Seymour Science blog. Our team will be writing lots of articles about our home planet - showing the beauty of nature, plants and animals, talking about how we can help our environment, and what kids can do to make a difference.

When you comment on our stories, we want you to share Your Earth Day Promises. What will you do, not just on Earth Day but every day, to help protect our environment? How have you changed your behavior because of what you have learned about taking care of our planet Earth? What beauty do you see around you that inspires you to love Earth?


Here is how you enter the EARTH DAY PROMISES CONTEST:

1.    Read Seymour Simon’s blog every day in the month of April. Click on the yellow "comments" button at the bottom of each story and tell us your Earth Day Promise, and why it was inspired by the story.

2.    You can write your Earth Day Promises on your own, or your class can write comments as a group. Class entries should tell one thing that the class is doing to honor our planet for Earth Day. (example: recycling all the paper used in class).

3.    Each time you write a comment, your name is entered into the drawing for a prize. You may comment and enter as many times as you wish between April 1 and April 22 (Earth Day).

4.    Or, you can enter by taking part in Seymour Simon’s EARTH DAY PHOTO CONTEST. Take a digital photo showing an Earth treasure around your school or home that makes you appreciate our planet. (examples: Clouds, trees, animals, etc.). Click on "Send us Photos/Video" (in the yellow bar at the top of every page) and follow the instructions to upload it to the website. We will publish your Earth Day photos and videos on Seymour’s blog, and each person who uploads a photo or video will be entered into the drawing to win an autographed book.

5.    VERY IMPORTANT!!: Each time your write a comment, you must tell us the following:

a.    Your name (first name and last initial only).

b.    An email address if you have one.

c.     The name of your teacher and the name of your school.

d.    What town and state you live in.

We will keep this information private (we will not publish it on the website), but if we do not know who you are, we will not be able to contact you if your name is chosen in the prize drawing! 



1. Everyone who writes a comment will be entered into a drawing to win a personally autographed copy of EARTH: OUR PLANET IN SPACE.




2.    Each person who uploads a photograph or video will be entered into a drawing to win a personally autographed copy of BUTTERFLIES.


3.    Every class that participates will be entered into a drawing to win a free, 45-minute Skype session with Seymour Simon.


4.    Everyone who participates and gives us an email address will receive a free, downloadable certificate, signed by Seymour Simon, which commemorates their participation in SEYMOUR SIMON’S YOUR EARTH DAY PROMISES event.


Seymour Simon’s YOUR EARTH DAY PROMISES CONTEST starts on Sunday, April 1, so come, read, write and tell us how you are going to make a difference for our planet Earth!

Posted by: Seymour Simon

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