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December 21, 2010

Just ten days left to send us a video of YOU being the very best gorilla you can be! It doesn’t have to be fancy - use your webcam or your cell phone, and video yourself imitating gorilla behavior. You can read Seymour’s GORILLAS book for ideas. The deadline for entries is December 31st, so don’t delay. Grand Prize winner gets a free Seymour Simon Skype session with your class, and the top videos will be featured for all to see on

Click here for details on how to enter. Come on - show us your inner gorilla! 

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October 27, 2010


Look at this entry in Seymour’s Go Gorilla! Contest. This is Olivia doing her best imitation of Gorilla behavior. What a cutie!







If you or your class haven’t yet entered, it’s easy. No fancy video equipment needed — you can even use a cell phone that records video. Then click on the “Send Us Photos/Video” link at the top of Seymour’s home page. The instructions are clear and simple (we designed it that way, so that a kid can do it!).

This contest only runs through the Fall semester, so enter now to win personally autographed Seymour Simon books, have your video showcased on the website for the world to see, or if you’re the Grand Prize winner, a Seymour Simon SKYPE session (that’s a conversation over computers, using a web cam) for your class.

You’ve got to be in it to win it. Study up on gorilla behavior, point your camera and GO GORILLA!


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September 1, 2010


Just in time for Back to School we are running a funny contest on We want to see entrants "Go Gorilla!" by uploading videos of themselves imitating real gorilla behavior.

  Gorilla thinks

(Photo: Reuters)



The Grand Prize Winner earns a free Seymour Simon Skype session with their class — now there’s a way to get in good with your new teacher! And, there are lots of other great prizes.






 o   THIRD PRIZE: Twenty randomly chosen videos will receive personally autographed photographs of Seymour Simon.

o   SECOND PRIZE: Ten randomly chosen videos will receive personally autographed copies Seymour Simon’s GORILLAS book. 

o   FIRST PRIZE: The top five best videos will be posted on the Seymour’s website for everyone to see.


There is nothing to lose, and a lot to win! Click here to find out how to enter, study up on what gorillas do, and send us your video today!!



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June 8, 2010

I read a lot of science fiction when I was a kid. It was reading science fiction that made me so interested in science. In fact, I began writing because of science fiction. I wrote my first book when I was in 2nd grade. It was a book called SPACE MONSTERS. It was about taking a trip to a distant planet, far out in space, and having adventures with the living things on that imaginary planet. I even drew the pictures for my book. Most of the pictures were of what we science fiction fans called BEM’s. Bug Eyed Monsters. I remember that my teacher stapled the pages of my hand-written and illustrated book together and made me read it to the class. That was my first book. Ball players don’t pick up a ball or kick up for the first time in their lives when they’re adults. They begin playing ball when they’re young. The same thing is true of artists, musicians and writers. They begin when they’re young.

Many years after I wrote SPACE MONSTERS in 2nd grade, I wrote it again (a bit differently) and it was published. It’s a kind of history of my reading Science Fiction stories in books and magazines and also watching SciFi on television and in films. Are you becoming an author? What are you writing about? Write a note to me on my site and tell me. Best story I get from an elementary school student by the end of the summer gets a free copy of a book of mine (your choice) and gets his/her story published on my blog! 

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April 7, 2010

One of the things we thought was really great at THE TECH in San Jose is their annual competition.

Called "The Tech Challenge," it is an annual team design challenge for grades 5 through 12. Using the scientific process,  entrants design a hands-on project intended to solve a real-world problem.

Here is how they describe this year’s challenge:
You and your team need to design and build a solution that can help rid the Universe of Space Junk one item at a time - and your mission is to get an inoperative satellite to burn up upon re-entry by attaching two Hall Thrusters, Size "D" Batteries will be used to represent the thrusters,  to its thruster docking ports - and it must be done from the deck of your temporary home - The International Space Station.

There are lots more details on the Tech Challenge 2010 Website.

Whether you are entering yourself or simply going to see what kids have come up with, this is bound to be lots of fun. 

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February 12, 2009

Contest: Unsung Body Parts

Does the world really need another song about "the heart"? Some body parts are celebrated much more than others in songs. Enough already with the "eyes" don’t you think?! Doesn’t your "spleen" or your "kneecap" deserve a musical tribute? Well, now it’s time to help me create a new collection of songs, poems, raps about less famous, but nevertheless important body parts.

Inspired by my new book The Human Body, I’m starting a rather silly contest! Send in a poem,  audio clip, video file etc of a short song about an "unsung body part."  I’ll post it here, if it tickles my funny bone (hey, there’s an idea for a body part).

The Prize: Winners of the best human body part song get an autographed copy of THE HUMAN BODY.


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February 11, 2009


Contest: Go Gorilla!

Gorillas and humans share 98% of their DNA. Now is your chance to show how similar our species really are!

First,  find an example of gorilla behavior online [see examples below]. Then,  submit a short video of you imitating some aspect of gorilla behavior-its walk, its sounds, facial expressions, and more. No costumes are required - in fact, they’re discouraged.
The Prize: An autographed copy of Seymour Simon’s new Gorillas book! Your video also gets posted on the SeymourScience Web site! In case of ties, more than one prize will be given.

Gorilla Behavior Videos

(And just to show you that the street runs both ways - below is a video of a gorilla imitating a human’s walk!)


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