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Shayla Mrs.Holck Eleanor Roosevelt elementry

Paralysis-when you can`t move at all.

It is an awesome word because it gets on your “nerves.”

The little girl was hit by a car and was paralysised.

Posted by Shayla  on  12/06  at  12:43 PM

Maggie   Mrs. Holck     Eleanor Roosevelt

What it means,  seaweed is one of many plants that grow in the sea. Seaweed can be different colors.They come in red,brown,green or multi colors
Seaweed is awsome because we usaly find when you swim in the sea.
Seaweed is slimy and easy to find at the shore!

Posted by Maggie  on  12/06  at  12:47 PM

Anna Eleanor Rooselvelt Mr.Melnick
An airplane travels people, or objects to places across the world.

An airplane is awesome because it gets me faster to Disneyworld then to drive in a car

Posted by Anna  on  12/06  at  01:51 PM

Ally Mr.Melnick Eleanor Roosevelet
something that colors flowers and makes them yellow
xanthin is awesome because if did not have this in them flowers that are yellow would be VERY dull:(
yellow flowers are bright because they have xanthin in them!

Posted by Ally  on  12/06  at  01:51 PM

Riley     Mr.Melnick     Eleanor Roosevelt


What it means- a large round object in space. Some of the planets have rings, or you can go right through them, and some are extremely hot!

They are awesome- they are huge,colorful, and interesting.

The Sun is a planet and it gives us light so we can see! smile

Posted by Riley  on  12/06  at  01:54 PM

Kyra mr.melnick Eleanor Roosevelt
aquatic-An animal that lives in the wild or home inviroment. They can breath under water. They do not need oxogen.

my word is awsome- There are thousonds of aquatic animals with all shapes and sizes.smilesmile

sentance- I went swimming in the Pacific Ocean one day when suddenly I saw four different aquatic fish smilesmile:):):):):):):):):):):)

Posted by kyra  on  12/06  at  01:56 PM

Eleanor Roosevelt, Mr. Melnick, Troy
Word: albino
Definition: An animal or plant that doesn’t have much color in their skin
Why I Think Its Awesome: Once I saw a albino squirrel running through the street and it looked like a ghost so it looked really cool
Sentence: An albino dog attaked me yesterday and it really hurt.

Posted by Troy  on  12/06  at  01:59 PM

It’s a part of medicine that helps your immune system
It’s awesome because the Immunolgy helps your immune system get stronger.
When you go to the doctor you can get medicine thats called Immunolgy if your immune system is weak. smile smile smile wink:) smile smile smile


Posted by Samantha  on  12/06  at  02:01 PM

Nico Mr.Melnick Eleanor Roosevelt Elementary

Water: A clear and tasteless liquid (unless it’s salt water) that we need to survive.

Water is awesome because we couldn’t live without it

The man drank a glass of water.

Posted by Nico  on  12/06  at  02:02 PM

Samuel, Eleanor Roosevelt, Mr. Melnick
Word: Black Hole
My Defintion: A black hole is a thing in space that litterly sucks up everything even light. Also it is invisable one way you can tell they are there is by the stars
Why it is awsome: a black hole is awesome because it seriously sucks up everything like a vaccum! Nothing can get out and that is some serioos awsomeness!
Sentence: I’m glad I have not seen a black hole because I would get sucked in!

Posted by Samuel  on  12/06  at  02:04 PM

Christina Mrs. Peirce Eleanor Roosevelt
Venus is the second planet closest to the sun. 

Venus is awesome because it is just like Earth except it is hotter.

Venus is a planet in our solar system smile

Posted by Christina  on  12/06  at  02:48 PM

Luke   Mrs. Pierce   Eleanor Roosevelt
Fahrenheit is the tempature that we use in the United States.
It is awesome because it helps us know how to dress during the seasons.

The tempature is 37 degrees Fahrenheit.

Posted by Luke  on  12/06  at  02:49 PM

Brandon S.  Mrs. Pierce   Eleanor Roosevelt

A radio is a device that is used by people to listen to the news and music. 

A radio is awesome because you can listen to music and the news.  It keeps you entertained.

I listen to a radio to listen classical music like Spring the Four Seasons.

Posted by Bradon S.  on  12/06  at  02:55 PM

Robot: a machine that is used to do jobs in place of people.
A robot is awesome because it is made of metal and it can help people.

Sentence: I want a robot to help me with my homework.

Posted by Quin, Mrs.Murphy's class, Edgewood Elementray  on  12/06  at  08:53 PM

Simra Mr. Melnick   Eleanor Roosevelt


An almanc is a calendar of weeks, days and months that has the sunrise time, sunset time and other useful things.

The almanc is really awesome because it tells you the weeks, days and months of when the sun rises and sets.

I bought an almanac at the store to view the time the sun will rise and set each day.

Posted by Simra  on  12/07  at  11:27 AM

Tyler Mr. Melnick Eleanor Roosevelt


A volcano is a mountain overloaded with lava and smoke that explodes causing destruction around it from it’s lava and gases.

A volcano is awesome because it is cool to see it errupt.  It looks like a huge smoke stack!

A volcano just errupted in Hawaii!!

Posted by Tyler  on  12/07  at  11:29 AM

Tyler Mr. Melnick   Eleanor Roosevelt

Black Hole

A black hole is the remains of stars collapsed on itself.  It is a force of gravits so not even light can escape from it.

A black hole is awesome because it is invisible

I read about black holes in a science book I got from the library .

Posted by Tyler  on  12/07  at  11:32 AM

Connor Borusky Eleanor Roosevelt

adaptation, a part of any living thing.

I think it is awsome because animals have them so do we.

Humans have over 10 adaptations.

Posted by Connor  on  12/07  at  12:43 PM

Amelia   Borusky   Eleanor Roosevelt

A tool used to measure wind speed.
It helps scientests measure wind speed, and can be made out of the simplest things.
The anemometer was spinning so fast,I could hardly see it!

Posted by Amelia  on  12/07  at  12:45 PM

Colin   Borusky   Eleanor Roosevelt

Magnet:Magnets are metal pieces that go together east has to meet east and then same with west.

A magnet is awesome because you can build with them and use your imagination.

The toy magnet parts get stuck together to make a toy!

Posted by Colin  on  12/07  at  01:04 PM

Dahlina   Borusky   Eleanor Roosevelt

A monkey is an animal that climbs and hangs from the trees.

A monkey is awesome because they are a cool animal that I can see at the zoo. 

A monkey was swinging from the trees at the zoo.

Posted by Dahlina  on  12/07  at  01:10 PM

Layla Borusky   Eleanor Roosevelt


A paw is attached to a four legged animal like a dog or a cat.  It is like a human foot.

I think a paw is awesome because I love dogs and cats.  I think it’s cool that they have four paws instead of two feet.

A dog has four paws.

Posted by Layla  on  12/07  at  01:12 PM

Micah Borusky   Eleanor Roosevelt


A snake is a legless reptel. 

I think snakes are awesome because I have a pet snake named Rikter.

My pet snake Rikter lives in a cage and moves without legs.

Posted by Micah  on  12/07  at  01:14 PM

Grace Brousky   Eleanor Roosevelt

Acid Rain

Acid Rain is caused by harmful pollution that is harmful to animals and plants.

Acid Rain is awesome becaue there is a water cycle that goes- it rains then it goes into a stream but you can’t see when it goes into clouds then it goes over and over.  Acid rain can be hurtful to a lot of people when the acid rain rains really hard.

Acid Rain is harmful to people, plants and animals.

Posted by Grace  on  12/07  at  01:17 PM

Afou Borusky Eleanor Roosevelt


Camouflage means to blend into the background.

Camouflage is awesome because you blend into a tree or any other thing and it protects animals from getting hurt and helps them stay alive.

The reptile uses its camouflage to blend into the trees.

Posted by Afou  on  12/07  at  01:19 PM
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