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My favorite book is Bones.
I like this book because I like all the interesting, detailed facts about the rib cage and chest that are mentioned throughout the book. I also love all the multi-colored pictures that appear in the book. smile
For example, the page midway through the book, I like the detailed picture of the rib cage. My favorite line in Bones is this paragraph: Breathe in deeply as you can, and notice how your chest expands and relaxes. it rises up and outwards as you inhale air into your lungs, then down and inward when you exhale. I tried this myself, and it was so cool! I never noticed how detailed my breathing was before! smile

Posted by Ellie Fifth Grade Ms. Muntz  on  02/27  at  02:05 PM

My Favorite Book: Cats
Why I like this book: I love cats and I like to learn about them. I also love all the pictures in the book.
Evidence from the text: I like the page where you wrote about how to tell how a cat is feeling. I think it is very interesting. The pictures are up close and I think that is cool because you can see many details.

Posted by Isabel- 5th Grade Mrs.Muntz  on  02/27  at  02:07 PM

My favorite book is Extreme Earth Records. It’s my favorite Seymour Simon book because it is so interesting to read and know about how cool earth is. My favorite part is the most remote place on earth on page 17.

Posted by Will 5th grade Ms.Muntz  on  02/27  at  02:08 PM

1.Coral Reefs
2.I think it is very cool to know how the reefs grow,and that they come in so many beautiful colors, and shapes
3.I thought it was very cool to now know that a coal reef is a gigantic community of living things. I never knew so any pieces of interesting facts about coral reef. Thanks for teaching me so much about coral reef Seymour Simon.

Posted by Mackenzie 5th grade, Ms. Muntz  on  02/27  at  02:09 PM

Emma Ms. Muntz 5th grade smile

My Favorite book: The Optical Illusion book

Why: I like the optical illusion book because I love trying really hard to see how it’s done before reading how.

Evidence from text: On page 10, I would try to see if the poles in figure A-4 were the same size. then I would try it myself. Same on page 11. I drew it myself, and still don’t believe it. Even the chapter numbers confuse me. As well as the contents, index and index letters. I am able to draw some of them, though. smile

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Favorite book :  The Universe    
This is my favorite book since astrophysics is my favorite subject. I really like deep space and forces such as Dark Energy and Dark Matter. I’m also very interested in how the universe works.  This book is all about the universe and the universe is my favorite thing.  My favorite part is when Seymour Simon explains how the universe began on page six. He describes it so perfectly it makes me feel like I was there.    smile

Posted by Jack c 5th grade Ms. Muntz  on  02/27  at  02:13 PM

My Favorite Book: The Paper Airplane Book:)

Why: I like The Paper Airplane Book because it is so interesting! One of my favorite parts is it shows how to make paper airplanes, which is so cool:) !

Evidence from the text: On page 8, it shows you how to make the paper air planes. Also on page 11, it shows you how to correctly fly a air plane:)

Posted by Jade R, ms.Muntz 5th Grade  on  02/27  at  02:14 PM

I like Tropical rainforests because it talks about frogs. It says more than 1000 kinds of frogs live in the Amazon.

Posted by Johnny  on  02/27  at  02:17 PM

My favorite book: Sharks

I like this book because I think sharks are the coolest animals in the ocean.

Evidence from the text: On page11, Seymour states that sharks can bite almost 300 times harder than a human!!!!

Posted by Michael 5th grade Ms.Muntz  on  02/27  at  02:18 PM

My favorite book: Snakes

I like this book because I think that snakes are one of the coolest animals on the planet. I like all the different colored snakes.

Evidence from the text: On page 5 of the book snakes. I Never knew that there was 2,900 different kinds of snakes.

Posted by Jackson 5th grade Mrs.Muntz  on  02/27  at  02:18 PM

tornados grin
this is my favorite book because I like how you explain how a tornado forms and the states that get tornados in a specific month. I like the pictures of peoples towns, after a tornado, got destroyed. It shows me what a tornado can do to really damage a town and peoples houses. I feel really bad for anybody who was really effected by a tornado. They have to fix everything, and possibly move away. 

Posted by mason 5th grade ms. Muntz  on  02/27  at  02:21 PM

Johnny - 5th Grade - Ms. Muntz

I like Tropical Rainforests because it talks about frogs. The book says that more than 1,000 kinds of frogs live in the Amazon!

Posted by Logged Out User  on  02/27  at  02:22 PM

Crocodiles & Alligators
Ben, 5th grade Mrs. Muntz

I think the Crocodiles & Alligators is the best book that Seymour Simon published because of the awesome, close up pictures. I LOVE the picture where the camera person zooms up right on the eye of the crocodile.

Posted by Logged Out User  on  02/27  at  02:24 PM

Daniella Ms. Muntz 5-M NJ
2. I like the book Dogs because I LOVE dogs. I have recently got a dog and I have wanted one all my life! the book taught me so much more facts about dogs that I would have never found out.
3.I thought it was awsome how Seymour Simon wrote that scientists believe that dogs developed from wolves that learned to live close to people and that there are more then 400 breeds in the world! smile smile smile smile smile smile

Posted by Logged Out User  on  02/27  at  02:25 PM

my favorite Seymour Simon book is extreme earth records.
I like extreme earth records because there are millions of facts about all kinds of interesting places and landforms around the world.
I thought that when Seymour Simon wrote imagine squirting a water pistol off the empire state building and then watching the stream of water fall to the ground. That waterfall would be nothing only about one third of angel falls in Venezuela, earths highest waterfall and I thought that was a really good comparison.

Posted by amber 5th grade ms muntz  on  02/27  at  02:29 PM

My favorite book is Extreme Earth records. My favorite part of the book is when you talk about The Hottest Place On Earth. I can not believe “the hottest temperature in North America was 134 F and 57 C recorded on July 10, 1913 at Furnace Creek in Death Valley, CA.”

Posted by Thomas S 4th Grade Mrs. Billing  on  02/27  at  04:18 PM

Favorite book: sharks.
Why I like it: Because ever since I read and saw your pictures and your amazing facts I’m now never afraid of sharks anymore.
Evidence: on page 7 it says that sharks have killed fewer people in the united states in the past 100 years than are killed in automobile accidents over a single holiday weekend.

Posted by Blake 4th grade ms billing  on  02/27  at  04:21 PM

Taylor, 4-B
Favorite book: Dogs
I like it because: I have a dog and I like learning about them and I want to be a vet.
Example: I liked when Seymour Simon talks about how dogs are really sensitive.

Posted by Logged Out User  on  02/27  at  04:23 PM

Favorite book: From Paper Airplane to Outer Space smile smile smile smile
Why I like it: I like this book because its amazing how you talk about what makes you write, what inspires you to write. smile smile smile smile smile smile
Evidence ; On page 14 it says: ( My writing day begins after breakfast. The hardest part of writing a book is getting started, so I begin by reading over what I wrote the last time and rewriting it. Then I rewrite it again) It makes me write. smile smile smile

Posted by Ricky 4th grade Mrs.Billing  on  02/27  at  04:24 PM

I love the book Coral Reefs.
I like it because it reminds me when I went snorkeling in St. Thomas
The picture on page 10 is so cool.
An example is on page 16. I saw a fish that looks just like it!
  cool smile

Posted by Maggie P, 4th grade, Mrs.Billings class  on  02/27  at  04:27 PM

my favorite book is tornadoes
my favorite part of the book is how he discribed when the 21 ton trailer bounced like a ball
it is a example from the book is when they talk about the f2 and f3 and the winds of the f2 and f3.

Posted by Logged Out User  on  02/27  at  04:27 PM

My favorite book is Extreme Earth Records
My favorite part is when you talk about The Rainiest Place On Earth
I can’t believe on page 29 the Hawaiian Islands get a average of 450 inches (1,143 cm) of rain each year. WOW!!!

Posted by Logan L, 4 Grade, Mrs Billing  on  02/27  at  04:29 PM

My favorite book is snakes

The reason I like this book is because I knew nothing about snakes but by reading this book I learned what they eat

On page 12 it told me they eat deer,  monkeys, and pigs.

Posted by Carsen, 4th grade, Mrs. Billing  on  02/27  at  04:29 PM

Animals Nobody Loves

I like this book because it has a lot of interesting facts about different animals all over the world and why no one would like them

Nobody likes sharks because they are vicious animals that eat many animals in the sea and some sharks will attach humans

Posted by Jackson, 4th grade, Mrs. Billing  on  02/27  at  04:30 PM

Evan 4B
My favorite book is cats because they are cute, furry, and interesting animals. I think Seymour Simon did a good job on the books. Did you know cats are related to their relatives like the lion, cougar and the tiger and 5,000 years ago wild cats were tamed in Egypt?

Posted by Logged Out User  on  02/27  at  04:30 PM
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