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Alexa K. 5T
My favorite Seymour Simon book is Coral Reefs. I love this book because its very descriptive and very amazing to read. Ever since I was little I have loved reading books and especially Seymour Simon books especially Coral Reefs because its a great book fun-filled with interesting facts and I love reading about marine life. In coral reefs my favorite part is page 5 because I always feel when I read this page that I’m actually underwater in a coral reef.  Because when I once went snorkeling in Florida I saw those things he was talking about underwater. I love the part when it says, “You’re surrounded by strange rock shapes with brilliant colors: reds, greens, blues oranges and pinks.” Its was kind of like a “you are there ” moment for me!

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Favorite Book: Mountains
Reason: I think its interesting to learn how high certain points of the world can go up to for example Mt. Everest is 29,028 feet high wow!
Example: I like how you said” Mountains are born, grow tall over years, change their shapes, and are finally worn down and disappear into the earth from which they came.”

Posted by Robert 5th grade Mrs. Topping  on  03/03  at  01:09 PM

1.My favorite book is Extreme Earth Records.

2.Because I like nature books and I love to learn about nature and crazy records like deepest places and in ocean and because it’s about more than one thing.

3.My favorite page in the book is page 21 because I love oceans and it’s about the deepest place on earth. Which is a Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean. cool smile

Posted by Ezra 5-T  on  03/03  at  01:10 PM

Book Title: Cats
Why it is my favorite: I love the beautiful pictures of the all different types of cats. I also like the book because it told me about when and where the first wild cats were tamed and I thought it was cool that even cats were mummified! I also like it because it told me why some people say that cats have nine lives (It always confused me) and it was cool how the book told me how the cat’s eye works. An example of a passage I liked it was, “Cats can see in light that is only one sixth as bright as the light humans need for seeing.” These are some reasons why this is my favorite Seymour Simon book. cheese  cheese

Posted by Sean 5T  on  03/03  at  01:11 PM

favorite book: coral reefs

I like this book because it gives me a lot of information on coral reefs’. I also love this book because it gives me a lot of detail on the coral reefs and what lives on the reefs. I want to become a marine biologist and tell people all about the ocean just like Seymour Simon told me all about the coral reefs. The last reason why I love this book is because all the pictures are very detailed and it makes me feel like i’m swimming in the ocean smile :-0 grin :> <3 I love Seymour Simon!!!

Posted by annabella 5-T  on  03/03  at  01:12 PM

Noam 5-T

Favorite book: Tropical Rainforests

Reason: Because I like all of the animals and how they live. I also like all the different types of species and their features.

Example: In the canopy, plants such as some orchids and mosses often grow on other plants and have no roots in the ground.(Pg.10)

Posted by noam 5-T  on  03/03  at  01:13 PM

favorite book: coral reefs:)
I love this book because it has very detailed pictures and words and makes me feel like I’m swimming in the ocean with Seymour Simon himself!:) it also gives me good practice because I would love to be a Marine Biologist and maybe write books about it when I’m older! and will love to share all of the facts with the world just as Seymour Simon! I would love to meet him and have him share his creativeness with me just so maybe I can carry on his type of books when im older!:):):):)I <3 Seymour Simon books! I hope I can write as good as him one day!:):)=):|)(that smile was a sporty one):)!

Posted by grace 5-T  on  03/03  at  01:13 PM

Book: Oceans

Why we like it: We liked the page that showed how to measure wave height and length. We also like learning about the number Quintillion and how many zeros it had.

Example: We learned that a tsunami doesn’t look very big in the ocean but when it gets near the land, it is very large. We also learned that the word Tsunami is Japanese for sea wave. Also that the largest wave on record was 112 feet high.

Posted by Mrs. Saltzman's 2nd Grade Class  on  03/03  at  04:23 PM

Favorite Seymour Simon Book:
Tropical Rainforests

Why I like it:
The pictures are so attractive to me.  They are so beautiful and colorful.  The plants that are waving in the breeze make me think of summer and being warm.  The animals in the pictures are very interesting because they are colorful, their designs and patterns are very pretty.
I’ve never been to a rainforest so this makes me feel like I’m there.

The plants are so pretty in many ways; the colors are so vibrant, the pictures of the plants are so realistic with water on the leaves and each leaf has different shapes that make them all seem so unique.

Posted by Bridget 3-Latessa  on  03/03  at  06:54 PM

Dear Seymour Simon grin
I really like your writing. One of my favorite books is the book about sharks!  cheese
I am pleasantly surprised that pictures match your writing perfectly!

Cannot wait to meet you in person!
Sincerely, Constantine.

Posted by Constantine 3M  on  03/03  at  11:26 PM

smile  book: Penguins
Why I like it: I like it because there’s really cute penguins.
Example: On page 24 I like the picture of Macaroni penguins because they’re really cute.

Posted by Katie 4th grade Ms.Mcgillis  on  03/04  at  12:36 PM

Book: Sharks

I like it because: Sharks are so cool to learn about because I thought that they Had sharp teeth but not all of them.
Example: on page 12 they said that not every single shark has sharp teeth such as the Shellfish shark.

Posted by Mason 4th grade Ms.McGillis  on  03/04  at  12:38 PM

Book: Coral Reefs

Why I like it: I like this book because I was always interested in sharks and fish, and this book explains them both really well.

Example - on page 9, I really loved how great the pictures of all the different corals and how Seymour Simon explained which one was which by describing its texture.

Posted by Murad 4th grade Ms. McGillis  on  03/04  at  12:39 PM

Evan 4th grade Ms. McGillis NJ

Book: The Universe

Why I like this book… I like this book because I have always been interested in space and what discoveries scientists are making.

Example- On page 6, there is a very cool picture and Seymour Simon described what the universe was perfectly, he wrote ” In the beginning, there was no space and no time. Everything was squeezed together under incredibly high pressure and temperature. Then, more than a billion years ago, the universe suddenly exploded into being. Scientists call this the big bang. Matter formed and was carried outward by a blast, and time as we know it began.” This is a great book.

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Book: Cats

Why I like it: Because it tells about the features of cats that I never knew.

Example: Seymour Simon wrote’ ” Some people think cats can see in the dark. Cats have excellent vision, but even they can’t see in the dark.” I didn’t know that cats can’t see in the dark. I’d like to read more about it.

Posted by Adrien 4th Grade Ms. McGillis  on  03/04  at  12:40 PM

Book: Tornadoes

Why I like the book.  because I want to learn more about Tornadoes and there are a lot of facts in the book.

Example. The Tornado is visible when it contains water droplets in the form of a cloud, or surface dust and debris.

Posted by Patrick 4th Grade Ms.McGills  on  03/04  at  12:44 PM

Book: Penguins

Why I like it: I love penguins and I get to learn a lot more about them then I knew.  I love when Seymour Simon shows pictures of baby penguins when their first born because their so cute.

Example:  For the penguin you said Some penguins dive as deep as 1,500 feet to find food.

Posted by Sydney 4th grade Ms. McGillis  on  03/04  at  12:48 PM

Book: Tropical Rainforests  
Why I like it: Your not zooming in on one animal your doing the whole Rainforest and what’s in it which makes it a more unique book.

Example: for the poison dart you said what he is were he lives and some facts about him like he/she has bright colors because he’s poisons and they in or near ponds.

Posted by lucy 4th grade Ms. McGillis  on  03/04  at  12:49 PM

Book: Storms

Why I think it’s the best: I like this book because there are a lot of very cool pictures of lightning and storms.

Example: Right on the very first page, there is a really cool photo of lightning.

Posted by Henry - 4th Grade - Ms. MCGillia  on  03/04  at  12:50 PM

Book: Gorillas

Why I like it: I didn’t know much about Gorillas then I opened it up and I learned a whole lot more. It had facts that I never heard of!

Example: Gorillas stay in small groups of family’s to keep safe.

Posted by Gracyn 4th grade Mcgillis  on  03/04  at  12:51 PM

Steven 4th grade Mrs. McGillis
Book: Extreme Earth Records
Why I like it: I like this book because it shows the close up pictures and show what kind of creatures live there and the extreme places and weather
Example: The hottest place on earth it shows a close up image of the ground with crakes and bumps.

  cool smile

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Book, Bones
Why I like it, I like it because Seymour Simon really explains how our bone works and, how different bones protects different organs or like our skull protects our brain. the book was not hard to read but also very interesting. I enjoy reading the book and I think other kids will love to read this book
example, I liked when Seymour Simon wrote “Your bones are like frameworks of a building, the building will collapse. without a skeleton , your body would be nothing more then a heap off muscles and soft tissues if you didn’t have bones, you wouldn’t be able to sstand, walk, or run”

Posted by Audrey 4th grade Ms.McGillis  on  03/04  at  12:54 PM

Book: Coral Reefs
Why I like it: I like to learn about fish and the ocean so this book is perfect for me.
Example: On page 18 I really like the part when the book talks about the porcupine fish, I think it’s cool how the porcupine fish can puff up.

Posted by Jake 4th grade Ms.McGillis  on  03/04  at  12:55 PM

Dylan 4th grade Ms. Mcgillis NJ
Book: The Universe
Why I like it: Seymour Simon explains what happened in the past in the universe and future
Example: In the text Seymour says ” The universe is everything that exists, now and in the past. it includes the book you are reading, and the ground beneath your feet, the animals and planets, stars, and galaxies, and the vast reaches of space.”

Posted by Logged Out User  on  03/04  at  12:55 PM

Our Favorite Book: Penguins

Why we liked it: We liked all the photographs of different kinds of penguins. We thought it was very interesting to learn about how baby penguins hatch and eat.

Example: The book said that any adult penguin will feed any baby penguin! Also, the parents regurgitate the food for the baby penguins to eat.

Posted by Ms. Anderson's 1st Grade Class  on  03/04  at  02:23 PM
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