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Our favorite book: Tropical Rain Forests

Why we like it: The photos are very detailed, especially the one where you can see the webbing between the frog’s toes. We learned so much from this book about snakes also!

Example: The Anaconda page made everyone gasp. We learned how the anaconda strangles its prey and then unhinges its’ jaw to swallow the food whole! Wow!

Posted by Mrs. Reichel's 2nd grade class  on  03/04  at  04:44 PM

Book: Tropical Rainforests

Why we like it: The pictures are so close up of all the animals. Some we had never heard of before!

Example: The frog with web feet to make a parachute was very cool. Also we like the sloth!

Posted by Ms. Bracco - 1st Grade  on  03/04  at  06:27 PM

Book: Tropical Rainforests

Why we liked this book: Our class really loved hearing about the rain forests all around the world. Some students had visited a rain forest or knew facts about them already. This was interesting for us all to hear because we learned new things.

Example: We couldn’t believe that some types of tropical parrots are as small as your finger! We also liked the first page where Seymour Simon described being in a rainforest. It really felt like we were there.

Posted by Mrs. Forrestal - 2nd Grade  on  03/04  at  06:29 PM

my favorite book is coral reefs

I like it because you can explore coral reefs in a book! 
he definitely did a good job with details like reds greens blues oranges and pinks the collars change and shimmer and the water is full of equally vibrant fish.

Posted by Ethan 3 grade Mr.Pasks class  on  03/04  at  09:38 PM


I liked this book because the pictures were so cool. I also liked this book because sharks are one of my favorite species.

On one page it talked about an historical shark, the Megamouth shark.

Posted by Jack 4 grade mrs.achilarre  on  03/04  at  10:32 PM

Title Butterflies

I love the book butterflies Seymour Simon really pulls the reader in. I love the way he uses such detail. Its so cool and one more reason is that I love when he says’’ Fun facts.’’

Posted by Frankie,4th,Mrs.Achilarre  on  03/04  at  10:44 PM

My favorite book is dogs,
I love dogs.I think that puppies are so cute.I like the part about how dogs are related to wolfs.I also like wolfs.I think they are cool animals.But dogs are my favorite kinds of animals.I don’t have a dog but I have wanted one all my life.

Posted by Maddy 3rd grade Mr.Pask  on  03/04  at  11:01 PM


I like the book Butterflies because I really think Seymour Simon put a lot of detail and description to pull the reader in and make them want to read more.  The part that I liked in the book was ’” fun facts about butterflies are.”  I think it is cool because not a lot of nonfiction writer do that.

Posted by Frankie,4th grade, Mrs Achilarre  on  03/04  at  11:03 PM

I like the book Dogs since I can learn about dogs and look at cute pictures of them. For example, I like the picture of the poodle since it looks like my dog, Fifa.

Posted by Sofia  on  03/04  at  11:07 PM

My favorite book is dogs,
I love puppies I think they are so cute.I have wanted a dog my whole life.I like the part where it says that dogs are related to wolfs.I also like wolfs.I think they are cool animals.

Posted by Maddy 3rd grade Mr.Pask  on  03/04  at  11:09 PM


This was my Favorite book because Seymour Simon used really good details and descriptions about the butterflies.  He really pulled the reader in about butterflies and their amazing habitat.  The part of the book I liked the most was when he said,” fun facts about butterflies are that they can taste with their legs.”

Posted by Frankie, 4th grade, Mrs Achilarre  on  03/04  at  11:12 PM

My favorite Seymour Simon book is Skyscrapers. 
I liked this book because it has many interesting pictures and information.
Did you know that one of the earliest skyscrapers was built in Chicago in 1885? It’s called the Reliance Building, and it was built in only FOUR weeks!:)
And let me say WOW, I thought that skyscrapers were only around for a few years, but it turns out that a skyscraper was built six hundred and fifty years ago!  This is by far the best Seymour Simon book!

Ella J. Franklin School Mrs. Achilarre Fourth grade

Posted by Ella J. Franklin School Mrs. Achilarre Fourth grad  on  03/04  at  11:29 PM

I think this book is funny and children learn stuff from it. smile

Posted by Ronan 3-O  on  03/05  at  02:14 PM

favorite book :  silly zoo animal jokes & riddles
I like this book because I like funny jokes and riddles
I love the cover with all the animals because I love animals

Posted by heidi 3-B  on  03/05  at  03:25 PM

favorite book: silly zoo animal jokes & riddles
I love jokes
I loved the jokes they were so funny on page 6

Posted by Julia 3-S  on  03/05  at  03:27 PM

Book: Gorillas

Why we think it’s the best: It’s interesting to learn about gorillas and all the similarities that we have with them. We know that 10 of us 2nd graders weighs the same as one gorilla!

Example from the book: Gorillas have 32 teeth. We practiced making faces just as Seymour Simon described in the book to show that we are threatening, relaxed, or angry! They are the same looks that people sometimes give when they feel the same way,

Posted by Mrs. Cleaver - 2nd Grade  on  03/05  at  04:16 PM

parker 5-FE
I think this book is the best because it has up close pictures.
on page 13 there is a up close photo graph of a snake biting off a rats head.

gulp  big surprise

Posted by Logged Out User  on  03/05  at  05:49 PM

My favorite book is Tropical Rainforests
Its my favorite because I like rainforests and I wanted to learn about what animals lived in the rainforest.
An amazing animal that lives in the rainforest is frogs.

Posted by Danny - 5FE  on  03/05  at  05:51 PM

My favorite book is EXTREME EARTH RECORDS
Its my favorite book because I love knowing about amazing things on earth.
An amazing thing on earth is that the Atacama Desert is the driest place on earth. It always has a temperature above 90 F.

Posted by Shane 5-FE  on  03/05  at  05:51 PM

my favorite Seymour simon book is Oceans.
I like the book Oceans because it tells lots of facts about ocean.
For example, on page 2 it says “Echo soundings of the ocean floor show mountains more than twice as tall as Mt. Everest and 6 times deep as the grand canyon.

Posted by izzy 5-FE Mrs. Feeley  on  03/05  at  05:52 PM

Favorite Book: Storms

Why It Is My Favorite: I think storms are really interesting to find more about.  I have experienced many harsh storms and I would love to find out how they form.  Also, all of Seymour Simon’s books are loaded with colorful and stunning photos taken by photographers hired by Mr. Simon.

Example From The Book: In Seymour Simon’s book, Storms, you can find out many interesting things.  One fact I found interesting was “Thunderstorms are the most powerful electrical storms in the atmosphere.  In 20 minutes a single thunderstorm can drop 125 million gallons of water and give off more electrical energy than used in a large city during and entire week.”  I think Seymour Simon is a great author and I hope I win the book Storms with personal autograph!

Posted by Katie 5th Grade Mrs. Feeley  on  03/05  at  05:53 PM

My favorite book is Coral Reefs

Why it is my favorite- I think it is really neat to learn about coral reefs and I love all of the pictures in the books because they look like you are in the ocean with those coral reefs. It is also AMAZING how Seymour Simon can describe these books.

Example from the book- I thought that this sentence was really cool and interesting “They are home to more than 4,000 kinds of fishes, 800 different kinds of other animal and plants.”

Posted by Emily 5th grade Mrs. Feeley  on  03/05  at  05:53 PM

Favorite book Trains

The reason why Trains is my favorite book is because I am a train fanatic.

I thought that the Amtrak train picture on page 8 was really cool.

Posted by Benton 5-FE  on  03/05  at  05:54 PM

My favorite book: Penguins

I like it because it probably has the cutest pictures out all Seymour Simon’s books, it contains so many types of penguins, and, it states important issues about penguins.

Evidence: I love the picture with the Gentoo penguins on page 23. On page 28, it includes 5 types of penguins, and on page 16, it says “Besides the lack of food and bad weather, penguin chicks have to contend with many dangers” and “Adult penguins have no natural enemies on land, but at sea they are preyed upon by leopard seals, killer whales, fur seals, killer whales, and sharks.” I’ m glad Seymour Simon reminded us that penguins are in danger. smile

Posted by Katherine 5th Grade Mrs. Feeley  on  03/05  at  05:54 PM

My favorite Seymour Simon book is Lightning.

I like the book Lightning because I get to look at pictures of these bolts that happen so quickly. It also tells about how Ben Franklins experiment worked.

Some examples are on page 9 there was a page dedicated to Benjamin Franklins experiment. Also on pages 1, 4, and 6 there were AMAZING pictures of lightning bolts. Last on page 10 there was a picture of a kite being struck by a bolt just like Ben Franklin’s experiment. These are just some of the great pictures in Seymour Simon’s books.  cheese

Posted by Sean 5th Grade Mrs. Feeley  on  03/05  at  05:56 PM
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